Update: 2023 training

The March-April 2023 training has been postponed until later this year. Details on applying are below.

Chronic pain support leader group trainings

All Pain Connection support group leaders are required to attend an in-depth training. The trainings are conducted online in an accessible, compassionate environment, designed with patients in mind.

The trainings help empower support group leaders to kickstart effective, evidence-based support groups with an emphasis on education. (Leaders are provided with ongoing assistance in running their groups via monthly conference calls.)

Next training

The 2023 chronic pain support group training will be held virtually later this year. We will email those who have applied once the date has been confirmed. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

We look forward to welcoming a new group of leaders!


Past trainings

Pain Connection hosts 1-2 trainings a year in different parts of the country. Learn more about past trainings.


At the trainings, attendees learn about:

  • The logistics of running a successful group
  • The Pain Connection group model
  • Empowering group members to utilize their own internal healing abilities
  • The psychosocial stages of pain and grief
  • Incorporating complementary health approaches and other strategies for pain (such as cognitive reframing, acupressure, self-massage, breathing techniques)
  • Developing Treatment Tree Plans and Relapse Prevention Plans