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suffer from chronic pain

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Katie French, Volunteer, Montgomery County Health Fair


Volunteer Opportunities

Pain Connection needs your help in a variety of ways. The lists below highlight some of our needs. Please contact us for more information.

Intern/Volunteer Position Now Available!

  1. Contact group members by phone monthly to remind them of meetings.
  2. Phone surveys to members.
  3. Attend support groups and help organize meetings.
  4. Run support group (mental or medical health professional) with training in chronic pain issues.
  5. Phone calls to potential donors.
  1. Prepare monthly flyer mailings and put up flyers.
  2. Help with bi-annual newsletter: writing articles, searching for updated information on chronic pain, advertisements.
  3. Help with fund raising.
  4. Help organize special events.
  5. Board members are needed that can help move our organization forward.
  6. Develop online donations.
  7. Develop media coverage-radio, TV, newspapers...
  8. Funding to make videos/cassettes on chronic pain.
  9. Accountant/Bookkeeper.
  10. Research and statistics.

Request more information on volunteering.