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ABC News Special on Chronic Pain

During the week of May 7-14 ABC News ran special reports in the morning and evening on different ways of dealing with chronic pain. On Thursday evening, Gwenn Herman was shown talking about her chronic pain. This type of coverage helps educate the public and reaches out to sufferers, who feel they are lost to suffering in silence. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of more coverage on chronic pain. The media and pharmaceutical companies still sensationalize the idea of a "MAGIC PILL" which will be discovered. The danger of this type of hype is that it puts the hopes of so many peoples lives on something outside of themselves. Chronic pain affects every aspect of a person's life and medication is only one part of the healing process. Until chronic pain sufferers work on all those areas, no magic pill will give them peace of mind.

Community Outreach & Education

Gwenn Herman, Founder and Director of Pain Connection, spoke at the Maryland Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers Annual Conference, on March 31, 2005 on "Making the Invisible Visible: Treating Chronic Pain".There were close to 40 social workers present all of which currently work with chronic pain patients or are interested in the subject. In the group itself, there were at least 10 social workers who suffer from chronic pain and/or who had spouses who were dealing with pain. The seminar focused on the Six Stages that chronic pain sufferers go through, developing a holistic treatment plan and redefining what is normal.

Mercy Hospital

A workshop was given to hospital and area social workers in Baltimore, Maryland about chronic pain by Gwenn Herman. Mona Mendelson, LCSW-C, spoke about the importance of coordinating treatment and case management in a pain clinic.

Mission Statement

There are fifty million Americans suffering from chronic pain who are not receiving the treatment they need. Many fall between the cracks in their own private health insurance, workman's compensation, and disability benefits. Others are helpless because of a lack of insurance.

Pain Connection® is a 501(c)(3) not for profit human health service agency that provides a monthly support group, information and referrals, community outreach and education, website and newsletter. Pain Connection plans to establish an outreach center which will provide counseling, support groups and seminars, 24 hour hotline, library with Internet access, training program, case management, advocacy, and transportation for people suffering from chronic pain. These services will improve the quality of life, offer a chance for rehabilitation, decrease the sense of isolation this population experiences and enable the chronic pain sufferer to take control of his/her condition and treatment and maintain independence..



Summer/Fall 2005

Membership Drive

We Need You to help raise money for our existing and developing programs! Most government agencies, foundations and donors lack the knowledge about chronic pain. We Need You! All recipients who use/have used our services and professionals please help us now by joining with a $40 annual membership. Pain Connection is an all volunteer agency. Help us help you! Join up now!

New Groups Are in the Process of Starting up in Baltimore/Columbia, and Mclean, Virginia

We are in the process of developing two new support groups due to demand from chronic pain sufferers. Helene Lowenstein, LCSW, a chronic pain sufferer, will lead the Virginia group in McLean. Mary French, LCSW-C, will lead the Baltimore/Columbia group. We are also in the process of starting a Spanish speaking group in the Silver Spring area.

Pain Connection Coffee Club Is Up and Running

At the July meeting in Montgomery County we talked about getting out of inertia and taking action. The participants voiced their need to meet new friends, get out of the house and socialize in an informal setting. The club met the first time at the Montgomery Mall Eatery. The next club will meet at White Flint Eatery on September 13th at 11AM. Feel free to come drink, eat, chat, walk and/or shop.

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