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This has been an amazing year of growth and movement for Pain Connection. The Washington DC support group has begun, the Saturday Speakers Series will begin in July in Silver Spring and the Anne Arundel support group will start in August in Annapolis. We are in the midst of planning our 5th Anniversary Luncheon and Award Ceremony in October. People are constantly calling or e-mailing Pain Connection to start groups in their areas. There is such a dire need that is not being met. Millions of sufferers flounder around each day searching for help and that golden pill or treatment that will relieve them of their pain and return them to normal. Pain Management Centers and Clinics are springing up and giving people hope of having their conditions recognized. But that is not enough! Medications are the magic that most of us have learned to believe in that will take away our pain. For some that maybe the case. But most of us have struggled trying one brand after another, getting some kind of relief for a while only to return to ground zero again with a disheartening thump. It is the realization that we must take control of our changed lives and learn how to cope. The past few support groups have dealt with the Six Stages of Chronic Pain, Depression and Developing Your Personal Treatment Plan. These are life skills leading sufferers out of their darkness. Chronic pain is still not understood and filled with social stigma that leaves sufferers extremely vulnerable and gasping for air. Chronic pain is on the tip of the verge of being recognized as a legitimate illness/disease.

We have started all these new programs, but finding the funds to pay for them is hard. Our funding has been based on private and foundation donations. It seems that only people who have been touched by chronic pain have donated to our cause and we appreciate your help. Our pleas to others have seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. Is it because chronic pain is invisible or is it the lack of information in the community and training of professionals?

Help us help others by supporting our efforts and programs.

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Mission Statement

There are fifty million Americans suffering from chronic pain who are not receiving the treatment they need. Many fall between the cracks in their own private health insurance, workman's compensation, and disability benefits. Others are helpless because of a lack of insurance.

Pain Connection® is a 501(c)(3) not for profit human health service agency that provides a monthly support group, information and referrals, community outreach and education, website and newsletter. Pain Connection plans to establish an outreach center which will provide counseling, support groups and seminars, 24 hour hotline, library with Internet access, training program, case management, advocacy, and transportation for people suffering from chronic pain. These services will improve the quality of life, offer a chance for rehabilitation, decrease the sense of isolation this population experiences and enable the chronic pain sufferer to take control of his/her condition and treatment and maintain independence..


Summer/Fall 2004

Three New Programs Starting This Summer!

A Saturday Guest Speaker Series will begin on July 24th. Each meeting will have a guest speaker with an question and answer segment. This series is being held on the weekend so working chronic pain sufferers, family members and interested community members can attend. A support group in Anne Arundel County will start on Saturdays in August and be led by Family Therapist, Linda Girdian. In June we started our first therapy group in a pain clinic, Pain & Rehabilitation Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland. Mona Mendelson, LCSW- C, from the pain clinic is co-leading the group with Gwenn Herman. We thank Dr. Robert Gerwin for his support and encouragement.

Stay Tuned for Gala 5th Anniversary Luncheon Honoring Members Who Have Recreated Themselves

Sunday, October 10, 2004
12:30 - 3:00 pm
Classic Residence by Hyatt
8100 Connecticut Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Guest Speaker: Secretary Jean Roesser, Department of Aging
Emcee: Hillary Howard, Channel 9 Morning Weather Anchor
Honorees: Jon Greenberg, Kent Mason, Martha Leonard, John Mannes and Geoffrey Manifold; Donor Awards: David Bradley, Christopher & Dana Reeve, Prince George's Community Fund, The Phase Foundation, Rosenthal Foundation and United Way. Volunteer Awards: Dr. JoAnne Thacker & Michael Vawter, and Cat McClannan.

Washington DC Support Group is Finally Here and Taking Off.....

Thanks goes to the American Cancer Society and Emelda Curry for allowing us to start our support group in their office. The group is led by Cathy "Cat" McClannan, Bio- Energy Consultant. This location is ideal for busy DC workers and members living in the district.

Nonprofit Village
12320 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD 20852

For Information call:
Check our Website: painconnection.org

Executive Director
Gwenn Herman, LCSW-C,DCSW

Board of Directors
Gwenn Herman, LCSW-C,DCSW, President
Ellen Weiss, Vice-President
Geoffrey Manifold, Secretary & Treasurer
Malcolm Herman, Director
Dr. Justin Wasserman, Director

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