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Updates on Board Members

May 2003 brought changes in our board of directors. One new member was elected to our board, Geoffrey Manifold, a member of Pain Connection's support group and also a great volunteer. Geoff has over twenty years experience in the media in television with WUSA-TV Channel 9 and WTTG-TV Fox Television, video and live productions, and as a free lance photographer. He also is a winner of Emmy Awards for Cinematography/Videography news series.

Sharon Waxman, one of the original founding members since August, 1999, resigned since she is moving to Connecticut. Her involvement helped us found our agency and develop it into a needed program. We appreciate her work, especially in helping to organize the chronic pain symposium last October and other fundraising events. We wish her well in her new environment and endeavours.

Prince George's County Support Group

Pain Connection added a new support group in the metropolitan area, in Prince George's County. There had been numerous requests for a group in this area from members, chronic pain sufferers, family members, clergy, physicians and mental health providers. The first meeting was held June 11th at the Greenbelt Library. The group is run by Dr. JoAnn Thacker, a psychologist, and Michael Vawter, a licensed professional counselor. Both are members of the original Montgomery County Support Group. Maniko Barthelemy, a newspaper reporter for The Prince George's County Gazette, wrote an article about the newly formed group. This helped spread awareness in the community about Pain Connection and chronic pain issues

Money, Money, Money

The unsexy appeal of chronic pain and the myths associated with it has made it harder to receive funding.

This is our donation appeal to you to help us in our healing Due to national and world events during this past year, it seems to be harder and harder to raise funds. We are turning to you for financial support to help us continue our existing and new programs. The newsletters and support groups are services that we provide free to the community in order to spread awareness about chronic pain and to reach out to sufferers and their loved ones. For every newsletter, flyer, use of the website and/or support group that you have received or attended, please show your support now by making a contribution. Every dollar counts! Most importantly, Pain Connection serves as a catalyst in waking up the community to take action and provide services to chronic pain sufferers. We thank everyone who has financially supported us in the past.


Fall/Winter 2003

Washington, DC Support Group

Due to requests from Washington, DC members, a location is being sought to start a support group there. Phone contacts and emails are constantly being received at our office requesting groups in different areas and states. The need is great and must not go unanswered.

Website Statistics

We have received interesting information from our website statisticians about how the site is being utilized. The website was developed in November, 2001 and received 800 requests in that first month. The number has steadily increased since then to 3,396 requests in July 2003. The most hits were received during the week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The site is used more during the week than on week ends. During a 24 hour period the site is used the most from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. when people come home from work. The website has made us national and we are happy to report that there is an increasing interest in our organization which has maintained and grown.

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