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Welcome to the first edition of Pain Connection. Our aim is to connect chronic pain sufferers, their families, significant others, medical and mental health professionals, and concerned members of the community. We want to spread awareness in the community of the plight of chronic pain sufferers in order to erase stereotypes, educate and create sensitivity to their specific needs.

Chronic pain is an invisible injury and frequently is not taken seriously when the cause is neither found or will not go away. It affects every aspect of a person's life - career, family, social obligations, and their future. The person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves are also affected.

My name is Gwenn Herman and I am the Director of Pain Connection. I am a clinical social worker by profession, but my life was forever changed by an automobile accident over six years ago. It threw me into an unchosen world of pain, medical decisions, conservative treatments, medications, procedure and most of all vulnerability. Vulnerability came from not being educated about my condition, not knowing where to go for help, feeling alone, and watching life go on around me.

I founded a chronic pain support group in April, 1999 out of my own personal despair and need to be with others who shared my feelings and experiences. This support group has been meeting monthly at the Davis Library in Bethesda, Maryland. It provides a forum for people handicapped by chronic pain, isolated due to the pain, frustrated by lack of services dealing with the emotional aspect of physical pain, and demoralized by changes in careers, families and society. Group members fall into every category of chronic pain - cervical and back disc problems, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, spinal tumors, cancer, chronic fatigue, spasmodic torticollis, trigeminal neuralgia, shingles, arthritis, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, peripheral neuropathy, repetitive strain injury, migraines, and more. Even though our conditions are different we all share the same experiences of trying to live with chronic pain.

Since the development of the support group and following publication of articles in local newspapers, more people have become aware of this growing problem. Medical professionals have begun to refer their clients to the group. Chronic pain sufferers have a place to go where they can voice their concerns, discuss their problems and receive the support they need in order to survive.


Fall 2001

Pain Connection - Chronic Pain Outreach Center Inc. was incorporated as a Maryland non-profit on August 6, 1999.

In order to expand our services into a comprehensive agency, funding is greatly needed. Funding is being sought on the local, state and federal levels, from foundations, corporations, pharmaceutical companies, businesses and private donations.

David Bradley, Chairman of The Advisory Board Company, Donates $10,000 to Pain Connection

We are overwhelmed with Mr. Bradley's generous gift and deeply appreciate his faith in Pain Connection. Mr. Bradley has made our vision closer to a reality!

An article was written about Mr. Bradley in The Washington Post Business Section on June 19, 2000, titled "A Mentor's Role". He founded the Advisory Board Company in 1979 which has served as a think tank for businesses and heath systems by researching specialized topics.

Mr. Bradley suffered a medical condition in 1998 which brought his life to a startling halt. He began his trek into the medical world to search for the cause and treatment, which he and his wife diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia.

David's personal experience has made him sensitive to chronic pain issues and Pain Connection is deeply grateful for his trust and support.

In David Bradley's honor, we dedicate this first newsletter to him.

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